The Need For A Ban!!!

Lots of things are, one way or the other, being banned at the moment and so whilst we’re busy banning just about everything and everyone, PLEASE let us ban bagpipes!  I know people like these bladder driven instruments but, to me, the sound of bagpipes is the sound of cats being viciously strangled or the sound of somebody screeching their nails down an old fashioned blackboard. And, spare a thought for the poor old ram who donated his bladder to this wicked instrument so the cacophony of sound coming out of it can so offend my ears and make them bleed!

The Need for a Ban
The Need for a Ban

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5 thoughts on “The Need For A Ban!!!

  1. Out of respect for my distant ancestors I need to offer some support for bagpipes…..just so long as they are not being played regularly within earshot of my house. I suspect there are ‘good bagpipes’ and ‘bad bagpipes’ ……as an example of the former I would offer Glen Campbell’s use of them in ‘Amazing Grace’……I saw him do it live and it was a quite exquisite performance.


  2. My wife is Scottish and so some diplomacy required here. I’m afraid the sound of bagpipes just doesn’t do it for me. I guess I must be just a bit too English! I recognise other people love the sound of bagpipes. I have the same feelings of dread about tinned tomatoes oddly. So, if anyone wanted to truly torture me, the bagpipes and tinned tomatoes will work just fine! Thank you for the comments. Richard

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  3. I’ll try not to post any photograph of a bagpiper walking past a tinned tomato advertisement so I don’t spoil your day. The last thing you need is to be tortured by a disrespectful Aussie.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend. Ian.


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