The Wedding Guest

The Wedding Guest
The Wedding Guest

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6 thoughts on “The Wedding Guest

  1. Thank you. I did a few weddings as ‘second shooter’ – the more candid shots. I found that weddings could be high pressure events and it was an imperative to avoid, at all costs, the mother of the bride!!! I’m not sure why but nerves can jangle at weddings. I don’t think I would like to do wedding photography for a living but you do see some interesting things happen – especially when the booze starts to flow! Richard

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  2. I am sure it can be quite stressful dealing with the responsibility of wedding photography. I must admit I would like to be a fly on the wall at some of these events. Wonderful photography Richard


  3. Yes, can be fun but can also be difficult. I’m not sure why but I always seemed to get a highly anxious mother of the bride making constant demands. Wedding photography interesting but, mostly, not for me!!! R

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  4. An anecdote: My friend was asked by his friend to be the photographer at his wedding. He was very nervous, wanting to do a fabulous job of it, only to find later that he had left the lens cap on the camera. :/


  5. Arghhhhhh……my worst experience was in Africa. We drove miles to do some photography. Spent a day doing images and video. Got back to the hotel and the memory card in the camera failed. Eek! Had to go back again and re-shoot. I now download after every shoot and do it on location. I then backup from the laptop on to two external hard drives. I have this belief that memory cards know when you need them most!! Have a good trip. Richard

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