The Hot End

The Hot End

The Hot End

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The Photonomad

The Photo Nomad is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....

2 thoughts on “The Hot End

  1. Wonderful machine, pure power and such British – extravagant design. As far I remember Lightnings were so overpowered, that even when throttle was set to “idle” pilots have to constantly brake during taxing to not accelerate over allowed taxing speed.


  2. Thank you. And yes. I think they used to refer them to a missile with a pilot sitting on top. The photographs I took were of the Lightnings at Bruntingthorpe in the UK. They have two Lightnings. They no longer fly but they do run them up and down the runway and when they do, the ground shakes. The gobble up massive quantities of fuel and I think it is fair to say they might have a very large carbon footprint. Richard


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