10 thoughts on “The Sunset Over The Marina

  1. Thank you Maureen. The weather is just perfect at the moment. We should be cleaning the boat but difficult to resist long walks with the dog in the Dutch countryside. But, a decision here today. We’ve decided to put the boat on the market and move back to the UK. We’re thinking about Derbyshire which has some spectacular scenery. Nothing like New Zealand of course. Would still love to visit NZ again one day. It’s on the list! Richard.

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  2. That is very kind Maureen. Would love to visit but our focus at the moment is selling the boat and moving back into a house (a true culture shock!). But, you never know, we might go mad and fly halfway round the world to look at New Zealand again. Such a beautiful part of the world. Richard

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    I will be away for awhile and I wanted to leave something beautiful here…you will find an abundance of beauty at Photonomad. ❤️


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