Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls
Two Little Girls

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6 thoughts on “Two Little Girls

  1. Yes. Lovely children. The saddest place I visited was a village called Petbana Marank in Sierra Leone. Ebola had killed over 100 people and made many children orphans. What was wonderful was how the villagers continued to take care of the orphans. That said, when Ebola struck, the village was quarantined and the villagers couldn’t tend their crops which, as a consequence, meant the harvest failed and so not only did they lose the harvest, they lost the feedstock for the next year too. You can see the people here: Heart breaking to see small children suffering. Heart warming to see people surviving against all adversity.

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  2. They have surely seen so much suffering and survived such catastrophic events my heart goes out to them. Thank you or the link Richard.


  3. I certainly hope for that, it seems the world could do more to help…we are all sharing the same earth. Thank you so much Richard.


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