17 thoughts on “The Beach Walker

  1. Many thanks. I sometimes feel a bit nosey watching people go about their business. This lady was certainly striding along the beach. I’m glad she came to me. I don’t think I could have kept up with her!

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  2. I love this photograph, the determination in her stride, the white flowing gown and cane, you captured the true essence of this scene. Fine work Richard.


  3. so true. I love those images that tell a story (or conjure up a story). Somme images just leap out of you. I remember the World War 2 photograph of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square. I think we’re all hoping to take an image like that one day. Some images just blow your socks off! Your words have a similar effect! R

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  4. Yes, to catch a shot like that would be a once in a lifetime. Your photography is second to none. Thank you for the kind and generous words Richard.


  5. Tell that to my knees!!! Sue (Mrs Photonomad) and me are both on healthy eating and exercise regimes so we can be a little less 60 and a little more 40. Even our dog, Katy, is one a healthy diet at the moment. And yes, thank you, we’re both in good shape. Your words and images are the perfect tonic! Please keep them coming.

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  6. Wonder what kind of dog you have? We have a Fries Stabij which is a Dutch dog we had never heard of before we came to the Netherlands. Fries Stabijs are gentle dogs. Katy is nearly two years old and is the most spoilt dog in the world! She has her own bed but she has taken to jumping into our bed at around 4am and pushing me out! I told Sue that when I asked about three in a bed, the dog wasn’t quite what I had in mind!!! Can you send an image of your dog? Here’s Katy: https://photonomad.co.uk/2016/05/07/katy-in-the-wheelhouse/

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  7. Oh she’s adorable! I have Boston Terrier, a brown one. I can hardly believe you have the most spoiled dog because I have, lol! He sleeps on the foot of my bed much to my sorrow, but he always gets his way or the grieving begins. 🙂 I have a picture here at House of Heart but I can’t find it. I will dig it up and send it for you!


  8. They have no consideration lol! So far I haven’t located the snapshot of Tide on my blog. It’s somewhere under What she Saw…photographs. H


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