The Rhubarb (you can’t beat it!)…

When I was a child we used to dip a stick of rhubarb into a cup of sugar and eat it – delicious!  I’m sure that’s probably against the law these days.

The Rhubarb
The Rhubarb

11 thoughts on “The Rhubarb (you can’t beat it!)…

  1. Funny you post that. I read the other day of a man that has tired of his garden and the yield, etc. But, the one thing he continues to grow is Rhubarb…a sweet vice he called it. 🙂


  2. We live on a boat at the moment but when we had a house (Lincolnshire) we had loads of rhubarb. Love it! Although I haven’t done it, you can make rhubarb wine. My grandfather used to brew his own wine. To be honest, it tasted terrible but he seemed to like it and claimed it kept his arthritis at bay. I do believe that the rhubarb leaves are very poisonous (this might be folk law (or, these days, fake-law). R


  3. Rhubarb crumble and custard. A great British dish but I am not sure it is as popular as when I was a child. Such an easy crop to grow. We should make more of it!! Was just reading about rhubarb on Wikipedia. An interesting history but don’t east the leaves – poisonous. Interesting to read that rhubarb could help to suppress cancer. Bring on the rhubarb!!!

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