6 thoughts on “The Cute Furry thing

  1. You are very kind. Thank you. I will never get a job with the National Geographic. I was so busy trying to get a shot of the little animal that I forgot to find out what it was. Such an wonderful little creature. Very cute. Almost like a toy. Interesting claws. I watched it climb down a tree and its claws seem to reverse. I could have stayed there all day taking photographs of the little feller but he/she decided to go back into her little house for a sleep. Next time perhaps.

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  2. Yes, very. I’m not sure how many of them live at Amsterdam Zoo but only the one in the image was moving around and even that one head back into his bedroom after a few minutes. I wonder if they’re nocturnal. It was quite a cold day in Amsterdam yesterday and so I guess these little pandas decided to stay in bed. Better luck next time!


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