The ‘Not To Be Trusted’

I hate to be unkind to animals but I firmly believe that the only good snake is a dead one!

The 'Not To Be Trusted'
The ‘Not To Be Trusted’

6 thoughts on “The ‘Not To Be Trusted’

  1. Well, you live much closer to them than we do. Very rare to see snakes in Northern Europe. I have never seen on in Holland and have only seen a couple in the UK (harmless grass snakes) in my entire lifetime. The grass snake’s method of defence is to poop on you!

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  2. Our Gardener snake I think it’s called does the poop thing. There are plenty of snakes here, many specie. If I may ask, are you from the UK or Holland? You have a great command of English!


  3. I’m British but my wife and I live here on a boat in Holland (not far from Amsterdam). The boat is for sale and we’re planning move back to the UK if/when the boat sells. Otherwise, Holland is a great place to live – and no snakes! R

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  4. Ahh no wonder your English! Best wishes on selling the boat. I saw a program a while back on boat life in Holland. Interesting life style. Honestly, our American English both spoken dialect and spelling has come to annoy me. Is it true English!


  5. Funny you should say that because most people in Holland speak English. And most European youngsters speak English and they speak it with an emerging European accent. And also interesting to note that Dutch people in general speak better English that quite a few English people! But, I guess that one day, we’ll all speak Internet!! Sue is Scottish (can’t understand a word!!!).


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