The Death Sentence

The letter J on this identity card stands for Jew.  That single letter effectively sentenced  thousands of Dutch Jews to death during World War 2.  It is what happens when evil gets a grip on power.  With Messrs Trump, Erdoğan, Putin, Le Pen and others in our midst, we should look to history and take care or history will repeat itself.  All this after a sobering yet enlightening day at the Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam.

The Death Sentence
The Death Sentence

9 thoughts on “The Death Sentence

  1. Yes, Trump, Putin, and others are extremely detrimental to life on this planet. Trump, for example, is against green energy and thinks global warming is a hoax. We can easily, as top scientists point out, reach the point of no return with pollution and environmental decay. Killing the environment is, in its own way, much like maliciously killing the Jews.


  2. Shockingly it seems history is being ignored, thank you for the reminder!


  3. Yes. Very worrying at the moment. Too many trigger happy boneheads in positions of power. Let’s hope for an outbreak of common sense, respect and decency. Some hope!!!

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  4. ….and I hear that Mr Trump is, as well as everything else, rewriting history (alt-history?). It seems that all the world’s leaders (Trump, Putin, Chinese, Turks etc etc etc) are carrying out one massive land-grab. Industrial levels of greed, shortsightedness and stupidity. We doomed!


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