6 thoughts on “The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam (1)

  1. Many thanks John. Although I visited Kew Gardens in London years ago, I’ve never been to a botanical gardens to take photographs. The botanical gardens in Amsterdam are small (especially compared to Kew Gardens) but it is a wonderfully peaceful place and might be just the ticket for raised blood pressure! It was raining when I arrived but the skies soon cleared and so I sat for an hour in the sun on the bench and watched the world go by. Quite a therapeutic way to spend an hour. A little oasis of peace in the middle of town. Amsterdam is a busy city but not a noisy one. Cycles are one of the main forms of transport and cycle paths everywhere. Not so many cars. A great city for photography! Anyway, you will be bombarded with flowers images for the next 24 hours!

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  2. Sounds good, and sounds like a great place to mellow out. i do that in the desert, plenty of places to sit in the car or walk to.


  3. I haven’t seen one snake in four years I’ve been walking it. No doubt they are there though! I’d love to show you around.


  4. I used to live in the Far East and the squirmy little chaps were everywhere! Not my favourite creatures. Up there with alligators, crocodiles and sharks!


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