4 thoughts on “The Super Dog

  1. Thank you Maureen. Often just luck. I took about 50 images of the dog jumping yesterday and only one came our reasonably well. I tried with shutter priority but couldn’t get it and so (as usual) put the camera into auto and the camera did a much better job than I tried to do! At the end, both me and the dog exhausted and in need of a drink.

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  2. In Germany we say to a good action capture: «Wirklich gut eingefangen» – because this is the moment, we fix for ever, we say «Really well captured». I also have a dog, a very fast one and I know the problem of being very fast with the camera https://fit4evita.wordpress.com/ Have a nice day, like this pic, because it is really motivating 😉 Regards from France by a Lady of Germany, bT!NA


  3. Thank you so much. Yes, I find it quite difficult to ‘freeze the motion’ when it comes to our dog. I think with his image I only just made it. I took a great many images of the dog jumping yesterday and only one was close. Part of the problem is that I was using the 100-400mm lens fully zoomed in and so camera shake was inevitable. Taking photographs of flowers is much easier! R


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