Anther Ladybird (or is it Ladybug?)

A good friend in the US tells me they are called Ladybugs over there.

The Ladybug (or Lady Bird?)
The Ladybug (or Lady Bird?)

9 thoughts on “Anther Ladybird (or is it Ladybug?)

  1. Ladybug 🐞 in Canada too. We also have orange ones that get into the house in the fall and in the spring I am overrun. I hate it.


  2. I’m told that a new species of ladybird/bug is invading Europe. It has more spots that our tradition ladybird. At the moment here in Holland we have a lot of those tiny little flies that buzz around your head. Hardly any mosquitoes or other biting insects fortunately.

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  3. No mosquitoes!! Heaven!! Some evenings we are so covered up around the campfire we can’t recognize each other.


  4. There are some biting insects here but nothing like mosquitoes (yet!). I’m sure that with global warming, those pesky little creatures will find their way up here. Have been watching the ducklings on the water here chomping down on those tiny little flies that buzz around. Somewhere in Amsterdam there is restaurant that has insects on the menu. Yum!

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  5. I can just see the menu: “toasted cockroach with a dusting of ants”
    I did eat crickets in Mexico last month.


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