The Train Journey

On my way to Almere (east of Amsterdam) to choose some new teeth! Dutch trains so clean, comfortable and on time.  Wish it were the same in my home country (UK).

10 thoughts on “The Train Journey

  1. Not as serious as it might sound. I am having two crowns replaced but the dental technician did show me a complete set of upper teeth that an 80 year old chap is having installed. These would be complete implants and will last for a long time. The future of dentistry perhaps. Apparently we are outliving our teeth and so complete replacement with implants is probably the future…….along with knees, hips and goodness knows what else. Personally I could do with a brain replacement!

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  2. Roads here in Holland are very good. Roads in the UK (like a lot of things) variable. Population of UK 60+ million, population of Holland 16+ million and so a little less wear and tear over here perhaps. It seems that road repairs in the UK are now done ‘on the cheap’ and the cost of completely sorting out our roads (and our health system, and everything else) now prohibitive. It is a poor engineer who lets things deteriorate to a point where they are beyond repair. We are led by poor engineers!

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  3. So what the road crews are doing to the potholes and crates is tossing shovel loads of coal patch in the holes? On the cheap! So where do our tax dollars really go then…


  4. I’m impressed with these implants. The dental technician told me that they are getting less expensive and, one day, we’ll all have them. Be good to have a nice new set of gnashers!

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