The Soggy Statue

The Soggy Statue
The Soggy Statue

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8 thoughts on “The Soggy Statue

  1. Depends on where you are, the Strip is noisy of course, Downtown Las Vegas proper is a bit less noisy. the big Boulevards are jammed with traffic. Just a guess, I bet your city is less noisy. A bit over two million of us here, in a roughly 20×30 mile valley.


  2. Wow! I think there are only around 16 million people in the whole of Holland. Amsterdam is quite a small town compared to many other world capitals. Most people get around Amsterdam on bicycles. The roads are small and parking difficult. So much easier to hop on your bike and peddle across town. Very different to Las Vegas for sure!

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  3. Had no idea of the population, small. But that’s good as is all the bike riding, a healthier population.


  4. Yes. Very evident that the Dutch are a very healthy race. But you perhaps won’t believe that they have a bike parking congestion problem in the centre of Amsterdam. They now have floating bicycle parks to try and cope with the huge numbers of bikes which are parked at Amsterdam Central Station every day. There are bike lanes everywhere in Holland and hardly any in the UK (we should be truly ashamed of ourselves). I understand the childhood obesity and sugar diabetes is a significant problem in the developed world. Easy answer. More bikes. Less cars. Less junk food. The thoughts of Chairman R!!!


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