6 thoughts on “The Sea Far Below and the Sky High Above…

  1. Yes. I’m over in the UK for a couple of days. I was upgraded on the way over. Woo hoo!! So, had three seats to myself and managed to get off a couple of shots out of the window from high altitude. Back to the Netherlands tomorrow.

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  2. Nice! Why if I may ask, do you choose to live outside the UK? Probably a goofy and nosy question from a North American… Feel free to decline!!


  3. Lots of reasons but, at the moment, just take a look at the state of UK politics! Utter chaos! And, frankly, the Netherlands is a nice place to live. Increasingly, I feel more detached from my own country and I am certainly often unimpressed by the way things happen in the United Kingdom (which is far from united at the moment!).


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