The Witches Fingers

I have no idea what these flowers (plants?) are called but I call them Witches Fingers

The Witches Fingers
The Witches Fingers

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6 thoughts on “The Witches Fingers

  1. I think I should call in the Anne Boleyn plant. Anne Boleyn was one of the six wives of our King Henry VIII. She, apparently, had an extra finger one one hand (and was accused of being a witch because of this). I think this is probably a myth and she probably had a mole or something similar. Who knows. Anyway, Henry had Anne’s head chopped off. Henry did not always treat his wives well!

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  2. In those days it was totally barbaric in Europe. Having your head chopped off was the least of your problems. Some of the torture that was carried out is unimaginable. Boiling in oil! One thing is for sure, it didn’t pay to fall out with the King or Queen in those days. Incidentally, Queen Elizabeth I’s spy master was Lord Walsingham. He was the first ‘M’ and he managed to decode Mary Queen of Scot’s letters and, as a consequence, she had her head lopped off too. Then there were the lesser crimes like being a witch – that only led to a burning at the stake conviction (you were not worthy of the chopping block!). Then, the traitor’s death by hanging, drawing and quartering. Not pleasant at all. It all makes our current day penal codes look a bit lightweight!


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