The Cockpit 1

The Cockpit 1
The Cockpit 1

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6 thoughts on “The Cockpit 1

  1. There are two fabulous museums in the UK where you can see First World War aircraft. One is the RAF Museum at Hendon (north London) which is owned by the state and so entry is free –

    The second is the Shuttleworth Collection (about 1 hours drive north of London) –

    The best thing about Shuttleworth is that they fly some of these very old aircraft. Somehow they keep them airworthy.

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  2. Wow, thanks for the links Richard! I’d love to visit all three locations. And to watch the old birds power up and lift off would be great! I’ve been a fan of aircraft for years and have always been attracted to commercial aviation aircraft and smaller private aircraft such as the Gulf Stream series and the Leer Jet series. The newer Honda Jet business class aircraft are amazing. My favorite commercial aircraft config is the RJ, or regional jets. Aircraft leaving KLAS, or our McCarran International usually depart west most days then bank south or north. Those that turn north pass very close by my apartment but are very high. But I can tell from inside which aircraft are my RJ’s passing over, always much louder!


  3. We’re on the flight path to Schipol when the wind is blowing in Westerly direction. A very busy airport. You’ll have to come over when we get back to the UK. Shuttleworth hold flying evenings in the summer. Great to see these really old aircraft flying in the late afternoon, early evening. R

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