The Navy is in Town

The Navy is in Town
The Navy is in Town

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14 thoughts on “The Navy is in Town

  1. Thank you. I understand it is a retired Dutch Navy mine sweeper now maintained by volunteers. It was in Monnickendam yesterday for the Herring Chase – a big festival where people bring they herring and eel smoking machines into town and smoke their fish and hand it out. Bad news if you don’t like smoked herring or eel! The town was really rocking! Smoke eel is a Monnickendam delicacy. One thing about the Dutch – they do know how to party!

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  2. I visited Amsterdam while living in Germany during my first tour of married life. Such a fantastically beautiful city. I returned on a Viking Tour in November of last year when we toured the Rhine from Bern to Germany. An unforgettable trip. Unfortunately no smoked eel street party.


  3. I doubt I will be back for a while. I was in Canada just last month. Calgary. Beautiful wildlife there, I posted some pics under “What She Saw in Calgary”.


  4. Some bad news. I didn’t go to Amsterdam on Thursday as planned (Sue recovering from eye operation) but I will be going into town at sometime in the next week and so the Holly Magnet will be on its way to you soon. Did get a picture of the hawk this morning (after days of trying) so keep an eye out on the blog for what the Dutch call a buzzard.


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