20 thoughts on “The House of Heart

  1. Holly very privileged because she lives on Marken – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marken – that was once an island but isn’t any more. There’s now a long causeway which connects Marken to the mainland. Had I looked closer I could have taken the number of Holly’s ear tag and would have been able to find her again for a better image……..maybe with make-up and pearls?

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  2. She is quite lovely dear Richard. I am a friend of all animals (unless they bite). I will have to research Marken. I am very pleased with your selection, she is so very sweet.

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  3. None at all…are you sure? We have many biting animals here. Just today a man was working in his garden and a ten foot croc attacked him. It’s wild here.


  4. Don’t tell anyone but the Netherlands are a well-kept secret. Wonderful food and wonderful places to visit here. Friendly people with a great sense of humour. (Don’t tell anyone!!!)

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