10 thoughts on “The Dales

  1. Yes, there’s a famous one called [oddly] Apollo Duck but we’re so lazy, we haven’t advertised the boat on Apollo Duck yet. We’re thinking about going back to the UK next Spring. We’re waiting to see which was this catastrophic Brexit goes (I’ve given up any hope that I had that the people we laughingly call our government are going to see sense and cancel Brexit). So, we might head for a marina in Nottinghamshire (famous for Robin Hood of course) but no clear plans at the moment.

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  2. Your boat can cross the Channel? I certainly don’t qualify but it seems that the UK would be better off out of the EU. As with many things in life, hands-on experience can’t be beat.


  3. The boat can but we need to hire a qualified skipper to get us over (or insurance company won’t insure us!). We’re in the other camp – and want to stay in Europe. We live over in Holland and probably see things differently to people who live in the UK. We stand to lose a great deal when Brexit happens in the short, medium and long term. Already Brexit has cost us eye-watering amounts of money and it is going to get much worse.

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  4. Wow, I’m sorry about the wasted money Richard. I wonder in the UK would be better off had it not joined to begin with. As an American, I could never fully understand the in-depth aspects of this situation and defer to you of course. As a guy who grew up on a big inland and having been boating on our Great Lakes, I fully understand the dangers of navigation with certain types of craft on large bodies of water. Our Great Lakes are inland Seas as far as I’m concerned, every bit as rough and dangerous as any salty sea. I’ve always wondered if the canals in Amsterdam are salt or fresh?


  5. Ah John. You post brought back many memories of trips I did down the great lakes. All the way from the Atlantic to Luddington and then Chicago. On my first trip, I flew to Chicago and joined a ship there. It was then that I found out that the Great Lakes are really small seas. The most impressive thing for me were the Lake Boats – some of them around 100 years old and still going strong. Loved going up and down the mighty St Lawrence. Remember vividly being in a lock in the Welland Canal and, as the ship rose up in the lock, the deckhands on the front of the ship dropped their trousers and displayed their rear ends to a group of nuns who were on the public viewing platform overlooking the lock. Some very shocked nuns and a very angry lock keeper!!!

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  6. No camera in those days sadly. There was an area on the waterways called 1,000 Islands. Not sure where it was but a beautiful stretch of water with some fabulous (and presumably hugely expensive) houses on the islands. We were one of the first ships to go down through the lakes one winter. Amazing ice flows. Great for me. I was the radio officer and off duty as soon as we entered the St Lawerence. One long holiday!


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