The Conker Season Is Here!

The Conker Season Is Here!
The Conker Season Is Here!

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4 thoughts on “The Conker Season Is Here!

  1. Ah, we call them Buckeyes. I used to live in the state of Iowa in the midwest of the United States. Iowa is a rich, agricultural state and a lot of us grew up in the countryside, buckeyes, and Iowa is called the Buckeye State, were brown gold to kids. We played with them, traded them, and they make excellent missiles for slingshots. A cousin just mailed some to me here in the Great Lakes and they brought back a lot of memories…good ones. What did I do with the ones she sent? I set them out in a bowl as part of fall decor and passed some on to an even older ex-Iowan to enjoy.


  2. Goodness….I hear Games of Conkers referenced in literature all the time but I didn’t know what it was. This kid does a great vid. We should collect more childhood games on video.


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