The Man Aloft

The Man Aloft
The Man Aloft

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The Photonomad

The Photo Nomad is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....

6 thoughts on “The Man Aloft

  1. There is a story here. The chap swinging from the mast and I worked for the same shipping company over 40 years ago. We were both Radio Officers on deep sea salvage tugs running out of the UK. 40 years on we bumped into each other because we both live on boats in the same marina in the Netherlands. It gets even more bizarre because, shortly afterwards, we found that one of the lecturers from the radio college me and the chap up the mast attended in Hull (UK) has a boat in another marina here in the same place. It can be a very small world. We sit together and talk in Morse code!!!

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