The Plates and Rivets

They just don’t make them like they used to! This is Radio Veronica!

The Plates and Rivets
The Plates and Rivets

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12 thoughts on “The Plates and Rivets

  1. That was an amazing article to read, thanks for the link. Also amazing how it a government throws its heavy hand around and shuts down anything it doesn’t like. Too much authority.


  2. Indeed, I think the British Government behaved appallingly. Then, the BBC hired most of the DJs from the Pirate Radio Stations. It was a land grab brought about by advertisers (i.e. big business) who hate it when they don’t get their own way. One thing I learned way back then, NEVER trust a British government (and I used to work for them!!!!)

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  3. Wow, you did? that’s saying a lot! Hey, our Federal Government sucks just as bad Richard, perhaps more.

    It’s bad that about three years ago, I stopped watching the propaganda that our major networks pump out every day.

    As well as the radio stations. Thank God for my cable TV networks!


  4. Sorry to say I can’t disagree with you. If your a Christian and understand the Book Of Revelations, so much of what the last book of the Bible says is slowly unfolding before eyes.


  5. Thanks John. I’m not a religious man but having worked in the security industry for most of my life, I understand very clearly the difference between good and evil and, at the moment, evil seems to have the upper hand. We need the people with power in this world to start behaving responsibly – a lot of penis measuring going on!

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  6. I wonder how they stopped the hulls leaking in those days. Water must have got in between the plates. Our full is fully welded inside and out and bone dry. Thankfully!


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