The Shall I or Shall I Not Moment…

Don’t do it girl! Why would a beautiful young girl mess up her flawless skin with a hideous tattoo?  Or maybe I’m just old fashioned!

The Shall I or Shall I Not Moment
The Shall I or Shall I Not Moment

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10 thoughts on “The Shall I or Shall I Not Moment…

  1. Ha! I remember wanting one when I was in my teens. My dad told me if I got one, he would kick me out. I laughed because the birthday card he gave me this year said, on the front that I could do anything that I want. Inside: Except get a tattoo. I couldn’t believe he remembered that!


  2. Tell that to my 26 year old daughter whom has one tattoo like her old man. Some folks go waaaay overboard with this. I do like the photo!


  3. I really am old fashioned about tattoos. They are so very common over here and most people seem to have them. Not for the first time, I find myself completely out of step with the rest of humanity!

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  4. I remember a similar discussion with my daughter. I shouldn’t really preach about these things but a tattoo is there for life. I’m just not a fan. Some people just love them. I think it is such a pity when young people ruin their flawless skin with something that they might regret later on. That said, I did think of having one somewhere on my body with an arrow saying “This Way Up!”

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  5. Well, you’d feel out of step in the States too as so many folks have them these days. Even some older folk get tattoos here and there. I decided at the last minute to not have my one and only tat redone. It’s that little voice in your head that warns you sometimes, so I heeded that warning.


  6. I’ve never been tempted. In my main career (government) they were frowned upon but I think that view will have changed. All the pop stars and football players seem to have them and so they’re very much in fashion. Not for me though. I have other weaknesses!!!

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  7. Agree! I am so old fashioned about this but feel just a little sad when I see young people plastered with tattoos. I would imagine (but don’t know) that a piercing will heal up after time. I think even when they remove tattoos with laser, there is still scarring. And why would anyone want to deliberately scar their body. All very strange to this boring old man!


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