The Door and Window

The Door and Window
The Door and Window

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2 thoughts on “The Door and Window

  1. Yes. Not sure if you are a Photoshop user but I always shoot using camera raw (this, because I can correct the many mistakes I make!). Camera RAW has a dehaze filter which does the most amazing things to your images. Here’s Julieanne Post (one of the greatest women on the planet in my view) explaining dehaze:

    Once I’ve put my image through RAW and adjust the settings to taste, I then take the image into Photoshop, when I tidy things up a bit and then, my secret weapon (don’t tell anyone!).

    So, in Photoshop, I create a new duplicate layer (a layer above my existing image Control-J if you’re on Windows and Commmand-J on Mac)

    I have a Topaz Labs plugin called Topaz Simplify Simplify – I push the new layer I’ve just made through the Buzzsim filter in Topaz Simplify and that softens the image dramatically. I apply that filter to the new layer and then go back into Photoshop. Then, I use the overlay blend mode on the new layer and reduce the opacity to about 25% and over-sharpen the image on that layer. That sounds a bit cranky put it works in a strange way.

    Now, if all that sounds complicated or frightening, please let me know and I’ll make up a little video which shows you how to do it. Not nearly as complicated as it probably sounds.


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