The Flying Sparks

Sparks flying.  Video 1 minute 34 secs.

Sparks Flying at Piper Boats from Richard Broom on Vimeo.

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The Photonomad

The Photo Nomad is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....

8 thoughts on “The Flying Sparks

  1. Thanks you. They used to do royalty free music on Vimeo but, for some reason, they’ve stopped doing it. They still have music on Animoto however. Animoto, one of my favourite sites!


  2. Very many thanks. Found out that taking images of welders is really easy because the camera reacts very quickly to the very bright flash of the welding torch. Creates some fabulous blue colours.

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  3. PS: If you get the urge to photograph welding be careful. The welding torch gives off a powerful amount of ultra violet light which can easily damage your eyes. Set up the shot before the welding starts and then look away when the welder kicks into life. Looking into the arc, even for a few seconds, can really hurt your eyes. You can get something called ‘arc eye’ which is, I think, when the retina gets, effectively, sunburned. Very, very painful.


  4. They still bear euphony on Animoto however. You can drive something called ‘arc heart’ which is, I call back, when the retina drives, effectively, sunburned.


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