The Great Evil

The letter ‘J’ stands for Jewish on identity cards like the one below.  It was a death sentence for untold number of Jewish people during World War 2.  It is what happens when great evil finds itself in a position of power.  In today’s world, we should do everything we possibly can to prevent evil taking hold.  We only have to look to history to see what happens when evil people do take control. I fear that our politicians are so utterly distracted by their own (often pointless) agendas, they cannot see that we’re in danger of sleepwalking towards a huge global catastrophe – and this time, Mr Trump, it might final.

The Greatest Evil
The Greatest Evil

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12 thoughts on “The Great Evil

  1. Are you another Trump despiser? Imagine a world with Billary Klintonista aka Hillary Klinton at the helm of the White House. They’d have a feeding frenzie, pecking the carcass to pieces.


  2. No, not a Trump despiser but, looking at the world generally at the moment, I think it would be easy, with some much violent rhetoric, for somebody to make a serious mistake that would lead us into war. Mr Trump is perhaps the most powerful man in the world and when he talks about annihilating a country, it is worrying. Viewed from afar, it is hard for us folk in Europe to understand what is going on over on your side of the Atlantic in political terms. Looks like a most confused situation. More generally, I don’t trust politicians of any persuasion these days. On our side of the Atlantic, lots of lies and broken promises. It seems to be the modern way!

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  3. Trump is one sick sociopath. He is a direct reflection of the inane indifference and profound ignorance here in the United States. We live in a rural area not far from where KKK members have often come (to a nearby town) to march and expound their hateful propaganda; they love Trump (and, because of him, are coming out of the woodwork). The mentally handicapped individuals, that i taught as a teacher, would (each) make a better president. They were not, for the most part, full of hate, bitterness, and manipulating lies. I’m not fond of politicians at all (although Bernie Sanders seemed way better than average). Trump is a disease… not even a real politician.


  4. Woo! I just worry about politicians who threatened to destroy other countries. That came as a shocking surprise to me. More troubling is that Mr Trump can press the button that would bring about so much death and destruction and I believe the people of North Korea have probably suffered enough already. The regime is the problem. More than at any other time in recent history, we need wise and cool heads and a whole heap of compromise all round. Seems like all we’re getting at the moment is politicians engaging (for those who have them) in a penis measuring contest. We live in interesting and very dangerous times.

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  5. Lots of lies and broken promises is the way this crap works here too and it’s sickening. This crap never stops. Very confused indeed Richard. I agree that some of the things Mr. Trump has said are outright stupid. But he’s a far better choice than that damned Klinton, spelled with a K in my book. Billary Klintonista.


  6. Indeed! I’m starting to believe that anyone who wants to become a politician must be deeply suspect in the first place. A bunch of weasels and lickspittles! The funny thing is (from a European perspective) is that Hillary Clinton looked like a shoe-in at the election and yet, she clearly didn’t have the expected support. Quite a surprise for everyone – including Mr Trump perhaps? I see Mrs Clinton has written a book. Might make interesting reading (I need to brush up on my US history in any event). Of course and thinking about US history, you probably think of the US as yours but, technical, it is still British. We were only joking when we agreed (?) to your independence! And, if you think Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton are not so hot in political terms, you should try on a few of our British politicians for size – but would not recommend it! Indeed, you can have Boris Johnson with my full blessing!

    By the way, still can’t see you on WordPress Reader. Maybe the NSA has cut you off!!!

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  7. Ha, the NSA! I’m going to try chatting with WP again on this. I may as well have this site taken down Richard. I get much more interaction on Instagram than my damned website, thanks JetPack…


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