The Gyro

The Gyro
The Gyro

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9 thoughts on “The Gyro

  1. Not sure if I told you but I do have a private pilots licence and would love to own one of these gyros. The only problem is, if that windmill on top stops going round, then it is all over for both the pilot and the aircraft. Very expensive aircraft sadly and well above my pay grade at the moment.

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  2. The father of a guy we know used to fly around in some odd looking thing to take pictures of peoples homes and then sell them to the owners. Hi dad has since passed, I wonder if he kept it. Hope you get one. So, you are a pilot?


  3. I have a private pilot’s licence but it is no longer valid. In Europe you have to do so many hours flying every year to remain ‘current’. I haven’t flown for a while and so I would have to fly with an instructor and be checked out again before they let me loose on my own again (and expensive process) and so, these days, I’m earthbound and I can only look up wistfully as the small aircraft fly around above me. Sob.

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