The Big Boys…

The Big Boys...
The Big Boys…

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The Photonomad

The Photo Nomad is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....

4 thoughts on “The Big Boys…

  1. Can’t get away from the belly can we. Getting older…. By the way, I won’t be in the WP Reader, ever. Had a nice chat with engineers yesterday. Any site that is self-hosted is simply not visible in the Reader, period. Sorry. I was found by one of my long time followers just today, that was nice but I’m apparently an island. But still see everyone else on WP. Grrr


  2. Hello John. Very sorry I have taken so long to reply. Have been busy work wise for the past couple of weeks and have been neglecting my blog activities. I think WP must have lost the plot. Catching up tomorrow. R

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